Missions is Correcting Quiet False Doctrine

Last Wednesday while waking out of the prison following our service, a prisoner walked up to me with an open Bible. He excitedly told me that God had called him to receive the blessing of Israel. I calmly asked if he could prove that with the Bible, and he directed me to Isaiah 11.

Here is the verse he showed me…..

Isaiah 11:11 And it shall come to pass in that day,That the Lord shall set his hand again the second timeTo recover the remnant of his people,Which shall be left, from Assyria,And from Egypt, and from Pathros,And from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar,And from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

According to him, because the original black people were taken as slaves from Egypt, then God is referring to the black man as Israel.

Being in missions means I get to experience a lot of false doctrine. In fact, It’s gotten to the point where I know the false doctrine lots of people hold to before they say it! Most of the time this isn’t heresy that directly attacks a foundation of the faith like the deity of Christ.

Instead false doctrine comes quietly……

And it almost always uses a verse taken out of context

My friend at the prison took ONE PART of Isaiah 11 (ships from Egypt) and ignored some other verse important parts

  1. ONE PERSON (not every black person) is the “root of Jesse” (11:1-5)
  2. There will be no more violence during this time (11:6-8)
  3. EVERYONE will know and accept God’s truth (11:9)
  4. And the Gentiles will have a large part of God’s plan during this time (11:10)

The important thing is to look at the WHOLE CHAPTER and see what God is emphasizing through it. Clearly this refers to the Millennial Reign of Christ that will take place after the Battle of Armageddon.

The heartbreaking thing is there are many individuals who hold to this kind of quiet false doctrine due to one verse taken out of context

It also makes me angry

Not at him…..

But at the man who taught him this, but knew it wasn’t Scriptural!!!

It’s easy to overlook this kind of quiet false doctrine, or just leave it alone (since not many people hold to it). But this kind of heresy moves very quickly!

So we open up the Word of God

Point out the entire passage

And allow the Holy Spirit to do His work

Please continue to pray that the Lord would help me with an open Bible shine the light of God’s truth on both the big, and quiet false doctrine.

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