Moments of Majesty

Spectacular sunsets are nothing new in Barrouallie. Almost every night I can turn towards the sea and take a breathtaking picture.

But no sunset was ever more spectacular than this one!!!

In June 2020 I was driving home from Peters Hope (a nearby community) and was blown away by the beauty of a picture. It was so awesome I didn’t even crop or edit it in any way (something I almost always do).

As amazing as that sunset was, if I wasn’t in Peters Hope, I probably would have missed it.

Peters Hope is at a lower elevation that Barrouallie. It is also provides a clearer view of the sea that isn’t obstructed by anything else. There is a hill that you must come down to reach the main road, and the top of that hill is one of the best spots to see a sunset.

In Barrouallie obstructions like houses or buildings and a higher elevation would have kept me from noticing the breathtaking beauty of that sunset.

This picture reminds me that God brings “moments of majesty” into our lives.

Moments that are created to take our breath away, and focus the mind on the glory of God.

Sadly we often don’t notice them.

Just like being in Barrouallie kept me from noticing the amazing sunset, things like busyness or distraction keep us from noticing the moments of majesty God brings. We would notice it if we just slowed down.

The truth is we are surrounded by majestic moments every day of our lives….but we are too busy to even notice them.

So slow down dear friend and lift your eyes to the Lord. He wants to show you something majestic.

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