It’s Not About You

This picture from 2020 embarrasses and convicts me quite a bit

not because I had to wear a mask….

but because I had to wear it so little!

In SVG we had an incredibly small amount of covid cases during the Pandemic. This was because almost nobody came into the Country during that time. So I had to wear a mask while entering stores in Kingstown. In the beginning I did wear masks in Barrouallie, but soon stopped doing that because it wasn’t necessary.

The embarrassment comes because so many friends (particularly in the States) had to spend massive amounts of time indoors, and wearing masks during the Pandemic.

It also created lots of conversation

  1. About whether or not the masks helped
  2. If they were necessary
  3. And how a Christians attitude should be regarding these restrictions

Though I didn’t have to wear a mask much….I did it gladly

Not for myself

But for everyone else

Though wearing masks are indeed frustrating, it helped others not catch any sicknesses you have (including covid). So in a way this is an act of putting others needs above your own

I recently taught a Sunday School lesson on Philippians that emphasized love that focused on others needs instead of yours.

This is clearly seen not only in Paul who worried more about the Philippians than himself (while in prison) but also the Philippians sending Epaphroditus who spent so much energy caring for Paul he almost died!

For me this is a true definition of love….caring about others more than you care about yourself

Usually this means showing concern or sharing an encouraging word

And occasionally it means wearing a mask

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