Speaking from the Heart

This morning I shared the Word of God during our church service at the prison. This was unusual since I switch preaching opportunities off with another man every other week.

This week he led music so though I didn’t plan on speaking, the Lord allowed me to preach!

My goal is usually to edify and encourage the inmates with a devotional focusing on the character of God

But this week the Lord led me to speak directly from my heart.

I used the three words from 2 Timothy 4:2 “Preach the word.” And challenged the men to reject any form of false doctrine that came from individuals preaching their own opinion instead of God’s truth.

Monday I wrote about the quiet false doctrine that is coming into the churches of Saint Vincent as individuals are taking verses out of context, and interpreting them with their own ideas.

This kind of heresy honestly breaks my heart because some individuals (particularly some of those men in prison) don’t know Scripture well enough to refute that false doctrine, or even realize it is false doctrine!

This mornings message was a challenge to study and dig into the Word of God so when someone brings heresy, it can be immediately noticed.

Please pray that my simple words made an impact upon hearts this morning. May the Lord help these men rise up and defend the truth when others bring false doctrine.

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