Why I hate Rum

Two houses down from me is a Rum Shop. This may sound like a bar, but it’s actually a small store with tables and chairs outside. People will gather at those tables during the day to socialize with one another.

and of course to drink rum!

There are few things that I hate in the Vincentian culture, but strong-rum is one of them. This is probably because I’ve heard and experienced the impact that this alcohol has one lives.

So why do I hate Strong Rum?

  1. Strong-rum is Cheap, but Has a high Price: Rum comes in a small pint bottle (also called a pittty). Originally this would cost $5, but today it costs $8. This isn’t very expensive, especially when you realize people dilute it with water. The cheapness of this alcohol make it easy for almost anyone to obtain it.
  2. Strong-rum takes Your Money: Though it is cheap, this alcohol becomes a serious addiction for those who drink it regularly. So many people “drink their money away.” This is particularly sad for those who are fathers and have a responsibility to care for wives or children. Instead of doing this, they spend all of their paycheck on rum
  3. Strong-rum ruins your body: I have seen too many people in Barrouallie who lose weight, and become incredibly sick because of their rum drinking. They would rather drink than eat! After drinking the whole day some of them may think about eating something towards supper-time. Also most rum drinkers have serious shaking or trembling problems that keep them from eating properly.
  4. Strong-rum helps people take advantage: I have a VERY hard working friend who seems to never make any money. This is because people pay him with shots of rum (which he prefers). I have told him countless times to purchase a pound of chicken for $6 instead of a bottle of rum so there could be food in his belly. But he always chooses strong-rum over food, and the people know that!! Many lives are ruined because the short-term happiness of alcohol is chosen over what truly matters
  5. And strong-rum destroys relationships: I hear countless arguments coming from the nearby rum shop. What began as a calm and relaxed day would almost immediately erupt into a violent argument! This is because rum removes self-control and allows a persons feelings to have full reign.

I could go on, but you get the picture

The thing about strong-rum is it reveals what is inside the sinful hearts of people. It also reveals that many individuals desperately want to be happy, or forget their sadness. So they choose a few moments of peace instead of turning towards God.

Pray for the people of Saint Vincent who are enslaved by eight-dollar bottles of alcohol

One response to “Why I hate Rum”

  1. John, It’s the same with gambling here especially in Victoria, but really all over Australia. We are addicted gamblers, as a nation, and countless lives are destroyed. Only God can heal..


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