Time to Grow Up

My cat Pumpkin had a litter of kittens in late 2020. As she began to nurse them I had to make sure they didn’t injure themselves

I also had to make sure that their older brother didn’t nurse with them!

I kept the first kitten named “Milk Chocolate” and he was a great protector of his mother. But he also occasionally wanted to nurse from her alongside his brothers and sisters.

Of course this was not only wrong since he was able to eat dry cat food. It also deprived his siblings of nutrition, and put a heavy physical burden on Pumpkin. So I made sure he left alone, though he did nurse every once in a while.

It’s crazy how a male cat who prefers to spend almost all day outside would suddenly begin nursing like a kitten. In the same way though, many grown men can fall back into childish, or adolescent attitudes.

The strongest and most courageous of us can get tired of fighting, and simply want to become a child again.

In those moments males must remember it’s easier to be a little boy

But God calls us to be men

The sad truth is true manhood (courage, integrity, convictions) has been abandoned for many for childhood (laziness, lack of discipline, no responsibility).

May the Lord help us call little boys to be men

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