A Sleep of Peace

Yesterday morning as I busily went from one task to the next, my cat Pumpkin peacefully slept on the couch.

Sometimes I wish that I could sleep like her!

The reason that she can sleep like that is Pumpkin knows all of her needs will be met by me. That isn’t difficult since her needs are simply food and a place to sleep 🙂

She knows that I’ll feed he three times a day

And will give a little bit more than that with some coaxing!

And there will be a spot to sleep on the bed.

Some animals run away from home run away, but I don’t have that problem with her. Why would I when she gets what she needs!

This picture reminds me that God has promised to meet all of my needs in His perfect way and timing. But it’s still hard to have peace.

Part of me always prefers to be the one in control (just in case God isn’t strong enough) but in the end that agitation is unnecessary since God has promised to care for me

It is much better to rest in the power of God

And sleep with peace

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