Missions Is Finding a Place of Peace

When co-workers from Baptist Mid came to visit in January I took them to almost every area of SVG.

Their favorite part by far was an area called Fitts Hughes

Because it was incredibly beautiful and peaceful

I was reminded about this while driving a friend to an area that is close to Fitts Hughes. And totally different from the main road of Barrouallie

High Road (the main road of my town) has a lot going on

  1. People walk on the side of the road
  2. Cars park along the road
  3. Delivery trucks block the road
  4. And passenger vans are constantly going back and forth blasting loud music

Honestly the noise of High Road can be a bit overwhelming!

Around fifteen. Minutes outside of town you begin entering into farming community that is much less busy.

this is because the roads are smaller, there are a lot more turns, and some of the towns are in a valley (going down frightens some people).

It didn’t take too long to get tot this area

But it was SO MUCH more peaceful!!!

Life is often like High Road filled with lots of noise and distractions that make it incredibly hard focus. But in the same way there are places of peace!

By this I mean that we can find peace

  1. Through a place away from the hustle and bustle where we can reflect
  2. Through habits of devotion (Scripture reading, scripture memorization, prayer)
  3. Through fellowship with Believers
  4. Through retreats or Bible conferences
  5. And through just rejecting all screens (being in nature)

Sadly many of us spend most of our time on High Road surrounded by busyness and loud distractions. The Lord instead calls us to leave the “rat race” and spend some quiet time with Him.

Those moments of peace will refresh and renew or souls so that we can serve effectively in the High Road.

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