Some Things are Worth the Money

This pic from 2020 reminds me how much I love Columbia boots!

That picture shows the two sets of boots that had been purchased in 2018, and 2019 (I still use them occasionally by the way) along with the latest pair. Not pictured is another pair of Columbia boots I purchased last November.

These boots are expensive, but worth it

Because I do LOTS of walking!

Ministry in Barrouallie is wonderful because your able to work and serve the same community so it makes relationship development easy. At the same time there are LOTS of hills to walk up!!!

In order to minister effectively in a place like St. Vincent you can cut corners a and save money in lots of areas.

But footwear isn’’t one of them

Practically this means to invest in high quality 1 ministry tools. For me this means being very serious about prioritizing items that have a direct impact upon ministry.

For me this comes down to three main things:

  1. Technology: I always use an iPhone
  2. Proper Footwear
  3. And my vehicle (I don’t walk everywhere!)

there is a balance here between being frugal (careful with money) and investing in what matters. This balance isn’t always easy to find, but those who have a clear understanding of their proper ministry tools can easily afford quality ones.

  1. Expensive

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