Finding what was Lost

Tuesday morning around 9:00 I asked all of you to pray for me because I’d lost something very important. Then an hour and a half later asked you to rejoice because it was found.

Today I would like to tell you what it was

Tuesday morning about 8:00 a friend came over to talk who was doing some work for me the next day. Before leaving he asked if I could give him $20 which would be taken out of the next days pay.

“No problem!” I told him and reached into my back pocket for my wallet

But it wasn’t there

At first I wasn’t too nervous 1 but with each spot checked (but no wallet) my anxiety grew. Within ten-minutes it had already begun to reach a fever pitch.

I began sweeping and cleaning the house thinking it may halve fallen behind he bed, or underneath a dresser. But after checking (and rechecking) everything they wallet still wasn’t found.

By 9:45 I had to begin seriously considering it was either lost, or somehow stolen.

I FaceTimed my dad and talked about what to do. He encouraged me to keep looking,and if it still wasn’t found the next morning, we could start working on getting replacements (people could not use my US Debit Card because it only works through ATM here).

At about 10:14 I was going through some shirts stacked in the closet and and felt something….

I reached in and pulled out my wallet

With tears steaming down my face!

This whole experience reminded me of a few things, but especially sometimes God wants us to submit to the worst-case scenario.

Losing my license and debit card would definitely be the worst possible situation

  1. I could no longer drive, or get cash from my bank account
  2. These problems would continue till replacements were ordered, and mailed from America
  3. Obviously this meant waiting for weeks!!!

Some parts of that problem could be fixed (I could send myself money from wire-transfer) but obviously losing my wallet was a huge blow.

Sitting in my spare bedroom Tuesday morning I prayed to the Lord asking Him to provide the wallet. “But if not” I told Him “I will submit to living without a debit card or license joyfully.”

I’m thankful that God didn’t make me experience the worst-case scenario Tuesday

But I’m also grateful He gave me the grace tp face it with calmness

  1. Thinking I had left it in some pants or something

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