Christmas in November

On November 24, 2020 Christmas came about a month early!!

I had been informed by a lady who took care of my Christmas barrel shipments that they hame come. But that morning I get a second call that they were on the way.

I anxiously put the dog in the house, and waited on the porch!!

about a half-hour later they delivered a BIG BOX full of Christmas presents (pre-wrapped) and lots of treasures.

As usual when the barrel comes, I locked the door, and started to open up packages one by one. Rejoicing in what the Lord had provided.

Some of those items were for me (like a new bag and some hats)

But most were items that can be used in ministry or given away. Like tracts or big-print Bibles

In a way this illustrates an important principle

We save, so that we can give away

Things like bibles and tracts bought in bulk definitely cost lots of money. But the look on the faces of people when you give them away for free makes the expense worth it.

It’s gotten to the point where I will bring items in for people from the States (they pay me for them). So those wanting Bibles and tracts. As well as those in need of items get as excited about my box as I do!

There is nothing wrong with providing items that bring us comfort

But make sure there are plenty of things in the box to share with others .

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