A Special Cake

On Christmas Eve 2020 an older saint who I met with on Thursday’s gave me a cake she had baked especially for me.

It was a precious act of love……

Especially because her mind is now gone

During the pandemic she wasn’t able to go almost anywhere (including church) because she was almost eighty, and suffered from asthma. Being confined to home slowly began to erode her mental, and physical capacities.

By Christmas Eve 2021 she was already showing signs of dementia. Those signs have gotten progressively worse.

Today she can’t come on the porch anymore, so i come and visit with her in the bed at home (she can hardly sit up),

Seeing this older saint deteriorate both physically and mentally is a struggle. But I can look at the picture of that cake, and know her deep love for me.

That cake also reminds me the importance of making memories while you can.

There is always an excuse why we cannot do that loving or kind act right now. A reason it needs to be put off till later. But love often is doing the act in the moment and creating a special memory.

I am thankful my dear friend went to the trouble of making me a cake on Christmas Eve

And the sweet memory that I cherish

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