Missions is Sitting With the Hurting

In the summer of 2021 I went to the States in order to get surgery on cataracts in my eyes. During the two-month stay there I read something incredibly profound written by missionary Jonathan Archer in Togo Africa.

Missions is Rejoicing with the joyful, and sitting with the hurting.

What truly spoke to me in that that definition was “sitting with the hurting.” Because that is very different from the natural inclination that we have.

As a man my first response when seeing a problem is to fix it…..

But instead Jonathan is right in saying the best thing to do is lend a listening ear.

I was reminded of this last week when a good friend was going though some family drama and trials. He came by a few times so we could just sit down and talk (He did most of the talking).

The amazing thing is it seemed to really help him!!

this is because usually we know what needs to be done. We just have a hard time doing it. So we need a person who will sit with us.

  • And give a listening ear
  • Offer advice (when asked)
  • Clarify the situation (often when suffering we don’t think rationally)
  • and simply encourage or edify with words of comfort

Though seemingly insignificant, these kind of moments make a huge impact upon lives.

Those suffering are used to people telling them how to fix their problems quickly, and move down the road. But in these situations they are looking for a Good Samaritan

  1. Someone who would stop (put their plans on hold)
  2. Put oil on their wounds (share God’s Truth)
  3. Bring them to a place where they can be healed (a long-term fixing of the problem)
  4. And personally identify with their struggles

Just being there and listening is the first step to that process

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