How to Survive the Caribbean Heat

Normally when people learn that I serve in the Caribbean, they ask “how are things different there?” I will usually tell them a couple of things, but usually what shocks them the most is it stays in the eighties year round.

I’ll always follow that up by explaining the heat isn’t that bad since we have an island breeze from the sea.

For those coming here the first time the heat may be a shock. But after a month or so, you grow accustomed to it. Also the ocean close by makes things cooler so it isn’t very humid here.

In fact, Vincentians tell me the heat in America is worse because of the humidity!

Thankfully the heat isn’t a serious problem….

But lately it has been

The weather has been hotter than usual the last few weeks due to the lack of a breeze from the sea. This has led to Vincentians complaining about the heat. And when this happens, you KNOW it’s a serious problem!!!!

It is indeed possible to be productive in the Vincentian heat…..

but you must be wise!!!

Today i would like to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned abut dealing with the heat.

  • Invest in wall fans: fans are one of my most important items because one is running almost three entire day! I prefer ones that can be attacked to the wall instead of the common fans that are carried around on stands. The wall fans give coverage to the entire room, last longer, and don’t blow things around like a standing fan (since it is lower)
  • Invest in Water Bottles: A water bottle is something I spend quality money on (I prefer Yeti) since hydration is incredibly important in SVG. While some may prefer not to have their water ice cold, I’ll fill my water bottle with ice, and then put it in the freezer. The water than can be put in, and be kept cold for hours
  • Get up early: The sun rises early here (around 5:30) so I by habit will get up before 5:00 depending on my energy level. Most Vincentians will be up doing their outside work in the yard or hard labor in dark morning hours before seven. This is because by. 8:00 the sun can already be hot!!!
  • Live on the Porch: While the fan makes the inside of the house bearable. It is almost always cooler on the porch. This is because you feel the breeze from every direction, and obviously the walls of the house hinder your breeeze. So a plastic table and chairs to do work on the porch are an absolute necessity. Also bear in mind that the sun shines directly on your porch around 3:00, so you won’t want to be there during that time.
  • Have a Shady Spot: A spot of shade where the sun doesn’t hit you is absolutely vital. In the mid-afternoon hours of scorching sun you MUST have a spot for relaxing. I choose my backyard under a mango tree 🙂
  • And finally pay attention to your body: I have learned to notice the affects of heat on my body. If I’ve been spending too much time in the sun, my legs will start to hurt, and my energy will drop. A headache also occasionally comes. When this happens I immediately go home, drink some water, and take a nap. The most important thing about dealing with heat is to make sure you are listening to the warning signs your body may give off.

I am honestly thankful for the Vincentian heat because it helps me conserve my energy, and take care of my body.

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