Missions is a God Who Gives Something Better

Most of you know that about three weeks ago my beloved washing machine gave up the ghost. This was to be expected since I bought it used in 2017. The washer served me faithfully for many years!

Thankfully I had money to purchase a new washer…….

But I’d have to wash clothes by hand for two-weeks

Washing clothes by hand isn’t really that big of an issue. Some of you grew up dong this, and it’s actually the most common way of washing clothes in Saint Vincent. At the same time, this obviously takes more time and energy than just putting them in a washing machine!

So though washing clothes by hand isn’t difficult, waiting for the money to come in, and the opportunity to purchase the washer was hard.

Interestingly a friend had told me he was able to fix the old washer so it wasn’t necessary to purchase the new one. Since it was at night after he was finished I waited till the next morning to run the machine, and found it wasn’t fixed :-(. Getting my hopes up and being disappointed was a bit frustrating.

Then last Tuesday I paid for the washer………

And waited like a child on Christmas Day for it to arrive!!!!

Thankfully it came on Wednesday morning. But I couldn’t use it right away since the fitting for the hose was plastic, and my faucet is metal. By the afternoon the issue was fixed, and I was finally able to use it for the first time.

The wait for that new washer was long…but worth it!

In the weeks leading up to getting it I was understandably losing patience. But the moment I turned on the digital screen of that new washer, all of that frustration melted away.

And this is why we wait

Because we serve a God who gives something better

Often the Lord will take things away from us (like my old washer) and we go through a period of waiting. This waiting can be annoying as everything may seem to go wrong, and we cannot understand why the Lord took away what we had.

Be faithful Christian

Soon God will give you something far better, and the wait will be worth it.

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