Missions is Going Big

A few weeks ago a local pastor texted me along with other ministers about helping him clear some large-print Bibles from the port authority. He asked that we donate towards covering the cost of clearing from customs.

I was already willing to give since this was a worthy cause

Then he told us the amount of Bibles he was bringing in, and I REALLY wanted to give!

He through an organization called the Grenada Bible Society organized the delivery of THREE PALLETS filled with boxes of big print Bibles. This added up to over 1,000 Bibles!

Yesterday he started distributing them among churches (including mine) by giving us each 100. The pastor instructed us if we needed more, to come back and get another box.

I drove back to the church yesterday thrilled with the blessing of 100 Bibles

And reminded that success in ministry (and life) means going big

God gives to each of us a calling or purpose in life. This leads us to set goals in order to achieve our calling. The problem is often those goals are far too small, or easy to obtain. For instance, I would have been satisfied with five boxes of Bibles (100 of them) total for the Churches of Saint Vincent since that is a large amount. But that goal would be far too small since each church could easily give out almost all of that by themselves.

Going big instead sets a huge goal (over 1,000 Bibles) that is VERY hard to achieve, but will equip churches effectively.

Sadly many of us don’t go big….

there are many reasons for this,but one of the greatest is we are afraid of failure.

In other words, we lack faith

The thing about small goals is we can achieve them on our own. But the massive ones can only be accomplished with the help of God. This is understandably scary, but many allow that fear to keep them from even attempting that huge goal, and that’s sin.

I am grateful for the pastor who worked hard for three pallets of Bibles

And the reminder going big in the face of our fears allows God to do His work.

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