Author: John Wilburn

  • Getting to 100%

    Getting to 100%

    The flu and cold bug has been going around Barrouallie like crazy recently. It resulted in my coming down with a nasty case of the flu that kept me down for three days. And then the week after that, I came down with an annoying cold (resulting in more medication). I wrote yesterday about God’s […]

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  • Letting Scripture Speak

    Letting Scripture Speak

    When my Christmas barrel arrived, one of the gifts that my mother included was a set of my favorite Bible marking pens. She sends these every year because mom knows I LOVE to mark my Bible! Actually, my marking is a bit more elaborate than others. Bible pages will be filled with circles, arrows, and […]

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  • Glory in Weakness

    Glory in Weakness

    A few weeks ago I came down with a flu bug that’s been affecting many people in Barrouallie. After taking a full dose of meds for the first day, and a half dose for the second day, I was starting to feel better. I was excited about getting back into things on day three…… And […]

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  • My Last Two Bibles

    My Last Two Bibles

    Every year I will bring ten to fifteen big-print Bibles in my Christmas barrel to give out to individuals. These are actually precious commodities since so many people will want them, so most of the Bibles are usually set aside or promised before they even arrive. About six months ago my home church sent some […]

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  • A World Full of Strays

    A World Full of Strays

    In early 2019 I noticed a very skinny cat prowling around my backyard. This isn’t abnormal since cats in Saint Vincent reproduce a LOT! So the kittens are often left to fend for themselves. Though I didn’t see the cat again, I was sure to leave a saucer of milk out for him This act […]

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