Author: John Wilburn

  • Smiling When Your Frustrated

    After a wonderful time with family over Christmas in I headed back to Saint Vincent. Actually the flight was something I totally dreaded. Not because of the length of the flight….. but because I had to stop over in Barbados Now I personally don’t have a problem with Barbados since it’s a beautiful country filled […]

  • Missions Teaches Me They Aren’t Angry at you

    Last Saturday I was helping some men work at the church when someone drove by. Noticing me there, he stopped his vehicle, rolled down the window, and proceeded to curse at me. The man was angry about a decision I made a few days before (something that actually needed to be done) and chose to […]

  • Back to War

    A few days after new years 2019 I packed up my bags, and headed back to Saint Vincent! There’s a lot of things I brought back with me, but the thing that probably catches your eye in the picture is my water gun. So why bring a water gun to the mission field? Scripture is […]

  • I Cannot be Silent

    (Editors Note: This post was originally written September 2, 2022) Last week I finished the audio-version of Matt Walsh’s book “What is a Woman?” Some of you may not know who Matt Walsh is, I actually didn’t till last year after listening to his daily news podcast. Since then I’ve become a huge fan. What […]

  • From the Archives: The God Who Provides Luxuries

    Originally Written June 8, 2016 While preparing to move into my new rental property I made a list of things that were needed, and with the Lords help I’ve been able to check most of those off [1]. Part of preparing that list was thinking about things that I would like to have in my home, […]