Author: John Wilburn

  • The Darkness is Coming

    The Darkness is Coming

    My community of Barrouallie has been a pretty eventful few weeks. About fourteen days ago, a man who was having intercourse with another man for money sent a voice message to a third man about their arrangement. Unfortunately for him, he sent the voice message to the wrong person, so it was all over Facebook! […]

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  • From the Archives:  The Importance of Cat Naps

    From the Archives: The Importance of Cat Naps

    Last week was a rough one for me physically… First I came down with some kind of a stomach bug on Monday (thankfully was better by Tuesday night) and then struggled with some discouragement/depression Friday morning. Both of those experiences were good reminders that missions calls for physical care as well as spiritual It’s easy […]

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  • Choosing the Safe Road

    Choosing the Safe Road

    To this day there is a small dark spot on the front license plate of my vehicle. How it got there is an interesting, and somewhat scary story! One Saturday in 2019 I was driving over to an area called Peters Hope. Along the way, a van stopped to pick up passengers so I stopped […]

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  • The Gospel Will Grow

    The Gospel Will Grow

    Monday some children came to me excitedly holding a small plant. “Mr. John!” they said, “we want to plant this in your backyard.” When I asked why they told me that small plant would grow to become a mango tree! I skeptically looked at the small plant and didn’t have the heart to tell them […]

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  • The Power of Structure

    The Power of Structure

    In 2019 I spent a lot of time watching Andy Griffith because it’s one of the funniest (and cleanest) shows around. My favorite episode of all by far is “Aunt Bee the Warden.” Most of you know how the episode goes, but because there is no room at the jail, the town drunk Otis is […]

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