Author: John Wilburn

  • Missions Is Being Ready for the Dark Days

    Missions Is Being Ready for the Dark Days

    January is traditionally the dry season in SVG, which means we don’t get a lot of rain. But since Christmas we have been getting massive amounts of it! Along with the rain I’ve experienced more than one dark day recently Dark days are times when I experience discouragement or depression. This emotional struggle usually comes […]

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  • Life Gives Us Dents

    Life Gives Us Dents

    During my years of driving in SVG I’ve scraped my vehicle more than once on a wall or in a gutter. But was able to avoid traffic accidents till 2019, and a larger one seen above in early 2020. Actually this isn’t an accident…. it’s a dent Almost every vehicle in Saint Vincent has scrapes […]

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  • Dreams Grow Slowly

    Dreams Grow Slowly

    The word “refuge” is a big part of my plans for 2023. I wrote last week about my house being a refuge for spiritual renewal for the next day’s ministries. But that is just one part of the vision. The other part is creating a refuge in the backyard for people to learn more about […]

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  • Life is Too Short for Weak Coffee

    Life is Too Short for Weak Coffee

    My guard-dog Vincy has a lot of jobs. He is a fearless protector, doorbell (If I don’t hear someone come), and keeps other animals out of my yard. Usually, he eats cheap dog food and likes it (Good dog food is very expensive here). But every once in a while, I get to spoil him. […]

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  • When the Tablets Break

    When the Tablets Break

    One of the most dramatic changes I’ve seen in Barrouallie took place in 2019. Up till that time after school most children would change their school clothes, and then either to the park, or play marbles. Thats right….play marbles! Boys especially enjoyed bringing out their favorite marbles (and getting some new ones). It got to […]

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