Author: John Wilburn

  • They Don’t Stay Cute

    They Don’t Stay Cute

    There is a hen in the community who will go from yard to yard looking for things to eat. Over time she decided to adopt my own yard as her main place to stay which was fine by me. Eventually she laid eggs, and one morning was followed by eight fuzzy baby chicks. Those first […]

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  • Rising When We Fall (Micah 7:8)

    Rising When We Fall (Micah 7:8)

    I used to think missionaries are super-Christians who never sin or have struggles. Then I became one! The truth is missionaries aren’t perfect people. They are Believers God has called to special service that can only be completed by His grace instead of their strength. This means missions isn’t about working harder, but relying upon […]

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  • Separating from the Silly People

    Separating from the Silly People

    Though I love SVG, and the community of Barrouallie in particular, there are some things that occasionally annoy me here. One of them is “street dogs” or dogs that don’t belong to anyone. Now I have a soft place in my heart for homeless animals so it isn’t really their existence that annoys me…. It’s […]

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  • EVERYTHING has purpose!

    EVERYTHING has purpose!

    This week I hope to finish book one for 2023 “Mission Possible: Go Create a Life that Counts” by Tim Tebow. I actually listened to the audio version of this book last year, but wanted to read it as well. This book is a very good one to start the year because it focuses on […]

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  • Sometimes We Fight!

    Sometimes We Fight!

    Yesterday morning while working on sermons I heard dogs fighting outside. At first I thought it was in the road, but then realized it was in my yard! I ran outside to see my dog Vincy on his leash, fighting with a neighbor dog! I immediately pulled him back by his leash, and got a […]

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