Category: A Theology of Singleness

  • The Sacrifice of a Missionaries Mother

    The Sacrifice of a Missionaries Mother

    Originally Written May 12, 2017 Thursday morning I finished reading “A Tribute to Mothers Who Send their Children Into Missions” by Lori McDaniel, and sent the link to my parents with tears in my eyes.  The entire article is excellent, but one paragraph spoke to me in a special way. A mother of a missionary […]

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  • The Pursuit of Online Integrity

    The Pursuit of Online Integrity

    Last week I wrote about the blessings of singleness (you can read it here), but it wouldn’t be fair to write about its blessings without also writing about it’s challenges.  The greatest of these is living up to what I like to call “online integrity” Online integrity can be defined by being above reproach with […]

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  • Learning to Love the Friend Zone

    As a teenager I spent a lot of time in whats commonly called “the friend zone” [1]. It usually began with my showing interest in a girl and included a conversation that began with the words “we need to talk” and ended with the words “your a nice guy” while a knife was stuck in my […]

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  • There needs to be a dating stage before the “Coffee Stage” of a relationship

    A few months before leaving Barrouallie I began teaching on relationships at our Young Adults meeting every Friday.  During each these lessons we discussed what a dating relationship would look like if our final goal was marriage with the person who God had chosen for our lives. Some of the changes this would bring were […]

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  • Learning to Love the Padlock on my Relationship Gate 

    I was having lunch with friends at Wendy’s recently so over Frosty’s we talked about my ministry in St. Vincent.  After going through a lot of the normal questions one of them smiled and asked, “so are there any cuties on the island?”  When my response was to reach for another French fry she laughed […]

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