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  • When God Takes Your Dream

    Last Saturday was special for me since it marked six-years since the first time I came to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on August 14, 2015. This picture of coffee on a motel rooms porch will always remind me that God opens, and closes doors of ministry. Originally I came to the Country of Australia…

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  • Spiritual Effectiveness takes Physical Fitness

    A few months ago I was visiting a friend and she said with a smile “your getting fat!” That didn’t really bother me since I thought she was just kidding, but in the weeks afterwards many of my Vincentian friends began saying the same thing! To clarify, I’m now what I personally call “island fat”…

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  • Discipline in Organized Chaos

    Discipline in Organized Chaos

    Between Bible Club (at Church) and park Bible Club (shorter and more evangelistic) I try to have a brief game-time. This usually consists of an organized game that everybody can play together The truth is I struggle with game-time because it doesn’t directly teach Scripture, and it’s a lot harder to control 🙂 The “organized…

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  • Why Social-Media is My Social-Life

    Why Social-Media is My Social-Life

    Jared Wilson wrote an excellent article Monday called “how to fall in ministry.” Within it one paragraph hit me hard Almost every one of the pastors I’ve known personally who lost their ministries to moral failings would say later that they had no real friends. Nobody knew them. This has implications for accountability and also…

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  • Ministry Must Have a Purpose

    Ministry Must Have a Purpose

    For more days than I would like last year my confession went something like this. “Lord forgive me for not accomplishing your plans for me yesterday.” It seemed as if no matter how hard I tried, there was an amazing amount of things that didn’t get accomplished, and should have been My day usually begins…

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