Category: Confessions of a Missionary

  • Worth the Expense

    Worth the Expense

    This morning I was walking by the school with a stack of chick tracts in my hand. My eyes were draw to a little boy walking to school with this sister because he was carrying a chick tract I’d given him Friday in his left hand! One of the challenges of missions is there are…

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  • The Boring Parts of Missions

    The Boring Parts of Missions

    Originally written on February 11, 2019 At around 8:00 every morning I walk through the village of Barrouallie, and hand out tracts. I am very grateful for this opportunity and enjoy it. But often it is (dare I say it?)…boring. Missionary presentations at Churches, prayer letters, and some social media posts make it seem as…

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  • Getting Back on the Bike

    This week I have revisited some “confessions of a missionary” that emphasized areas of my life that needed lots of work spiritually. Thankfully the Lord gives the grace and strength to arise when we have fallen, but we must have the tenacity to try again through the power of the Holy Spirit. The successful Christian…

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  • Rising When I Fall (Micah 7:8)

    This week I have been writing a series of “confessions” that deal with weaknesses in my life. I don’t share those for self-pity or attention, but to highlight the fact that we are all in need of God’s help. At times people may view missionaries as “super Christians” who never struggle, which is very far…

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  • Yes, Missionaries Stare at Screens

    I fondly remember the summer of 2020 when the Lord led me to make reading of physical books a commitment. This came from an understanding I spent far too much time staring at screens between my laptop, phone, and kindle. With the Lords help, the evenings were always reserved for reading which led to spiritual,…

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