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  • From the Archives:  A Religious Mission Field

    From the Archives: A Religious Mission Field

    Originally written April 11, 2017, updated comments are in italics and bold I don’t usually take pictures of peoples faces but last Sunday afternoon had to make an exception.  The line of boys sitting down and reading tracts wasn’t just too good to pass up, but it also illustrated a massive shift that has taken…

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  • The Sin of a Random Life

    Last week the Lord convicted me about about a sin that had been slowly growing stronger in my life. It had gotten to the point where it seriously affected my personal walk with the Lord, and if it wasn’t dealt with would directly affect ministry. it was the sin a random life The random life…

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  • Ignoring the Silly People

    Ignoring the Silly People

    Working with children in Bible Club three days a week has led me to create some rules that clearly explain my expectation for them. One of the most foundational ones (after zipping up) is “ignore the silly people.” When I began Bible Club there were children who enjoyed coming by and disrupting the lesson in…

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  • The Place for Partners

    The Place for Partners

    As a child, Saturday morning always meant doing some extra chores or jobs around the house. But before those started I was able to sit down, and with a large bowl of cereal watch “Saturday morning wrestling.” Some of my favorite matches were tag-team matches which always went the same way The good guys “or…

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  • A Lifestyle of Quiet Excellence

    A Lifestyle of Quiet Excellence

    This afternoon my brother after five-years of study will receive his Doctorate!  I’m incredibly proud of him knowing the hard-work, dedication, and discipline that went into this endeavor. His accomplishment today symbolizes the testimony that was modeled by our parents during childhood and teenage years (continuing into their retirement) something that I call “quiet excellence”…

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