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  • Dear Wifi…

                                  Dear Wifi, A week ago today I moved out of the missionaries house that I’ve been staying in for five-months for a rental with no internet whatsoever.  To be perfectly honest that morning was kind of sad for me because […]

  • Enjoying the Long Walk Home

    This morning I sat on the front porch with my cup of coffee as usual but something was different. There were no children walking by on their way to school and shouting greetings of “Mr. John!” or asking if we were having Bible cub that day. The reason for this strange quietness wasn’t a school […]

  • Driving to Town and Living to Tell About It

                            During my six-months on the island many challenges were faced and conquered; whether it was going spearfishing (I manned the boat), learning to live without air conditioning, or walking everywhere instead of driving. But there was always one challenge that kept me up […]

  • Why Leaving the House is a Ministry Goal

    Over a two-week break in the States over Christmas, I prayed about some changes the Lord wanted me to take during my last two months in Barrouallie.  Some were huge (doing Bible clubs at Church instead of home) some had to do with taking better care of myself (drinking purified water) but out of them […]

  • Why I May Not Come to The Door

    Three days after coming to the States for a Christmas break I opened a new document on Evernote and typed in the words “how did I get here?”  The word “here” in that question referred to a place of physical and emotional exhaustion.  All of us have to come to the point where we are just drained […]