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  • The Awesomeness of Being Single

    As a single male in my late-thirties I more than most people realize the need for what Justin Taylor in a blog post earlier this month referred to as a “theology of singleness” [1]. Without going too deep into the subject, he used messages from Tim Keller and John Piper to share a very powerful truth…it’s okay to […]

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  • When God Calls a Workhorse to Be a Surgeon

    In my fathers day card to dad this year I thanked him for putting up with such as spaz of a son (me). This may sound quite demeaning to myself, but the truth is God did create me as a spaz. It will probably help to define what I mean by spaz since it means […]

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  • The Difference Between Obedience and Respect

    Last week I taught four groups of children (preschool to fifth grade) for five nights at VBS. Obviously controlling four groups of children with different ages is incredibly difficult…which is why I had to upgrade my treasure box. Last January when one-on-one tutoring in the schools system became an outreach opportunity I invested in a […]

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  • Why Caitlyn’s Bruce Needed to Go

    Why Caitlyn’s Bruce Needed to Go

    It’s been impossible this week to go on the internet (social media especially) without encountering reactions or thoughts on the recent Vanity Fair article and cover photo of Caitlyn Jenner. I spent lots of time this week trying to look at Caitlyn’s change and new life from a Christian worldview. Not because I don’t view this […]

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  • Confronting My Voice of Pessimism

    Confronting My Voice of Pessimism

    Every morning a cell-phone alarm wakes me up at about 6:00. The first action after turning it off (or hitting snooze depending on my mood) is to check my emails. And with sleep-filled eyes I quickly scan each one to see if there are any updates about my return to Australia. Most days there aren’t […]

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