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  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home

    A few weeks ago I got home around 5:00 on a Saturday evening after my time in the States. While unpacking two large suitcases, I was warmly welcomed home by my dog and cat. But many people welcomed me home too (while commenting on how fat I was). I’ve discussed before how missionaries have “two…

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  • Going Back to War

    Going Back to War

    Thursday afternoon my suitcase was already packed, weighed (multiple times) and sitting by my parents front door in preparation for my flight Saturday. It was a way of keeping organized….. But especially on Friday it was a mental preparation for returning to the field. As I’ve written this week times in the States are for…

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  • Don’t Make it Easy

    Don’t Make it Easy

    Over Christmas 2019 I brought a board that could be used for both checkers, and chess. The goal was to use those games as a way of challenging the young people of Barrouallie to think critically and carefully. Of course to do this…I had to play to win Usually I don’t care about who wins…

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  • Evangelism Still Works

    Evangelism Still Works

    The Bible conference I attended in February was a blessing because it reminded me I’m not the only one who experiences the attacks of Satan. But the second blessing is actually more important. It reminded me my goal is evangelism, and discipleship Now this isn’t exactly a huge surprise because Scripture clearly teaches us that…

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  • A Time of Spiritual Renewal

    A Time of Spiritual Renewal

    I should probably begin this post with the words “I’m sorry” since this is the first time I’ve posted anything since Valentine’s Day (February 14). The truth is, I actually wrote that post the week before. So, I haven’t written anything for my blog in just over four weeks! On February 12 I flew to…

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