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  • Getting to 100%

    Getting to 100%

    The flu and cold bug has been going around Barrouallie like crazy recently. It resulted in my coming down with a nasty case of the flu that kept me down for three days. And then the week after that, I came down with an annoying cold (resulting in more medication). I wrote yesterday about God’s […]

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  • Glory in Weakness

    Glory in Weakness

    A few weeks ago I came down with a flu bug that’s been affecting many people in Barrouallie. After taking a full dose of meds for the first day, and a half dose for the second day, I was starting to feel better. I was excited about getting back into things on day three…… And […]

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  • My Last Two Bibles

    My Last Two Bibles

    Every year I will bring ten to fifteen big-print Bibles in my Christmas barrel to give out to individuals. These are actually precious commodities since so many people will want them, so most of the Bibles are usually set aside or promised before they even arrive. About six months ago my home church sent some […]

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  • They Can Learn!

    They Can Learn!

    I have been working a lot with children lately in reading help ministries since many of them struggle with it. It’s a joy to see the excitement on their faces as they get better at reading, and become more confident at it. At the same time, there are some that struggle….. This of course doesn’t […]

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  • An Act of Love

    An Act of Love

    A desire of mine for the last year or so was to have a garden in my backyard. Not necessarily because I need food, but because it can become a future ministry opportunity for those in the community. With rising food prices it’s becoming harder and harder for individuals to feed themselves. This desire led […]

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