Category: Nehemiah Study

  • Nehemiah 1:6 Prayer Is Desperate

    After turning from his sin (1:4) and focusing on the character of God (1:5), Nehemiah begs God for His presence and help in a time of need. It’s clear from the words of 1:6 that he was dependent only on God for help. Crisis situations or “breaking points” like Nehemiah experienced are used by God […]

  • Nehemiah 4:14-A Time To Fight

    As Christians we are to be known as people characterized by calmness, peace, love, and unity. However, there are times when we have to fight. Nehemiah in chapter four has been warned ten times his enemies Sanballat and Tobiah are coming to attack him so the work on the wall will cease. We have already […]

  • Nehemiah 4:10-12 A Time of Rest and Prepare

    Nehemiah and the Jews had reached a half-way point of their wall building project, which made their enemies Sanballat and Tobiah warn of a coming attack. Nehemiah prepared for this attack by praying, and putting guards in place. However, he also had to protect the people by any means possible. 4:10 talks about “rubbish” which […]

  • Nehemiah 4:9 (B) Laziness is Not Faith

    When facing the attacks of satan, it’s necessary for us to respond with prayer, since it’s only with Gods help that we can withstand him. At the same time, we must also be vigilant (watchful) and prepare ourselves for those coming attacks so that we aren’t taken by surprise. John Owen in his book “Overcoming […]

  • Nehemiah 4:9-Emptying Your “Anger Bag”

    If you asked me today what my most important ministry tool was other than a Bible I would immediately reply, “Columbia boots (I’m on my second pair), a Yeti water bottle, and a SOG backpack.” Thats my answer because I use each of those items daily, however if you made me choose just one I’d […]