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  • God Wants You!

    God Wants You!

    Last weekend I was back in Winston Salem. North Carolina. The town that I called home since the age of twelve. Just for nostalgia, we drove by the house I grew up in, and took a picture. A flood of memories come back as I think about that house, but one stands out above all […]

  • The Boring Parts of Missions

    The Boring Parts of Missions

    At around 8:00 every morning I walk through the village of Barrouallie, and hand out tracts. I am very grateful for this opportunity and enjoy it. But often it is (dare I say it?)…boring. Missionary presentations at Churches, prayer letters, and some social media posts make it seem as if missions is one exciting adventure […]

  • The Place for Partners

    The Place for Partners

    As a child, Saturday morning always meant doing some extra chores or jobs around the house. But before those started I was able to sit down, and with a large bowl of cereal watch “Saturday morning wrestling.” Some of my favorite matches were tag-team matches which always went the same way The good guys “or […]

  • Missions Must Have Systematic Theology

    Missions Must Have Systematic Theology

    Most mornings after devotions I work on notes for a Systematic Theology One class that should be taught in early 2019. I’m honored that the Lord has allowed me to do this because in my mind a strong grasp of Systematic Theology is one of the greatest needs on the mission field  This doesn’t mean […]

  • The Curse of a Safe Mission Field

    The Curse of a Safe Mission Field

    By now most of you have heard about John Allen Chau, a Christian who attempted to evangelize the Sentineleze people with the Gospel, but was martyred. Much has been written about his actions (I personally feel not going with a team or doing proper planning was a mistake) but the coverage of his death reveals […]