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  • Why Ministry Should Be Boring

    About three weeks ago a slight change was made in  Bible Club that’s made a significant difference. I made it boring… Now the truth is I didn’t make Bible Club “boring” at all, instead I made it a lot more effective! However, in the eyes of some children, it is definitely less interesting. The change was moving […]

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  • How Paperwork Challenges Missions

    How Paperwork Challenges Missions

    We had already been to this office before, now two months deep into becoming residents in our new home country. We had already been turned down on numerous occasions. But this time I arrived well-prepared, complete with proof of an eye exam, my passport, copies of my visa, extra passport photos, my resident ID card, […]

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  • Using Personal Time for Discipleship

    Using Personal Time for Discipleship

    When thinking of the word “discipleship” I get the idea of two people in deep discussion with a Bible, and coffee (if they are lucky.)  However this view overlooks the many opportunities for Discipleship we have in the daily experiences of life. Mark Dever in his book “discipling” gave a very interesting thought about using […]

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