Category: The Adventures of JB

  • Ephesians 4:31 and My Quiet Anger

    A few weeks ago I began taking Bible Memorization seriously again. This is actually something I should have done a long time ago, and became convicted about it while reading “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges. He does an excellent job of explaining how the memorization of Scripture helps us apply Scripture to life […]

  • Social Media Shouldn’t Be About My Self-Pity

    Anyone who suffers from confidence issues, or low self-esteem like I do [1] knows what a pity-party is, but allow me to enlighten those of you who are unaware. A pity party is when someone responds to something they are struggling with (a bad day) in a very dramatic fashion so others pay attention to […]

  • Social Media Shouldn’t Be About My Stories

    At a young age I learned that God had created me to be an entertainer, or someone who loved to perform in front of crowds [1]. Experiences like that taught me a lesson I have never forgotten…people love to be entertained. Over the years my method of entertainment changed from class-clown to story-telling or public […]

  • Why Social Media Shouldn’t Be About Me

    As a self-professed lover of technology using websites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to communicate with others is a big part of my life.  However this year I’m committing myself to having a very different online presence. My posts this year will focus on teaching others how to deal with life’s challenges (like my fitness […]

  • Fitness is About Training Partners

      A person can put in all of the hard work they want, but without one important ingredient fitness will probably never be achieved. They must have training partners In this situation I’m referring to training partners as “individuals who take the fitness journey with you, and provide motivation or help” so you don’t always […]