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  • From the Archives:  The Importance of Cat Naps

    From the Archives: The Importance of Cat Naps

    Last week was a rough one for me physically… First I came down with some kind of a stomach bug on Monday (thankfully was better by Tuesday night) and then struggled with some discouragement/depression Friday morning. Both of those experiences were good reminders that missions calls for physical care as well as spiritual It’s easy […]

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  • When You Can’t See Fruit

    When You Can’t See Fruit

    As a Missionary I know God emphasizes faithfulness (or consistency) over fruit, but that doesn’t mean lack of fruit isn’t depressing. the Lord allowed me to go through two discouraging moments last week.  The first was a service that almost nobody attended (we had sickness, people traveling out of town, and members out of the […]

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  • Frustration Teaches Me True Compassion

      About a year ago while visiting my brother’s family I went to a store to help my niece buy a backpack for school. She picked out one with wheels that the “big kids used” but this idea was quickly shut down by her mother.

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  • Frustration Teaches Me True Strength

    One of the greatest lessons the Lord has taught me through the frustrating situations of life is what we view as strength is actually weakness.

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  • Frustration Teaches Me True Humility

      During my young adult years whenever a person asked how I was doing my response would always be “fine” even if it wasn’t true. This is actually common practice while making small talk [1] but this response had dealt with my view of humility.

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