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  • From the Archives: The Gospel Draws Hearts

    From the Archives:  The Gospel Draws Hearts

    Originally written February 20, 2018 A few weeks ago after a lesson about King Sauls dirty (sinful) heart and king Davids clean  (pure) heart a seven-year-old came to me and said: “Mr. John, I think my heart is dirty.” A half-hour later she prayed to accept Jesus as her Saviour! There are a few doubts […]

  • From the Archives: French Toast Sticks and Unique Challenges

    Originally written July 2015 Last week I had the opportunity to spend five days at the Annual Conference of Baptist Mid Missions [1] in Elyria Ohio. It was an absolutely amazing time that the Lord used to encourage my heart. Through strong Biblical preaching Through workshops that gave practical help for challenges Missionaries face Through […]

  • From the Archives: Facing My Vincentian Driving Nightmare

    Originally Written January 13, 2016 After being on the island over four months I’ve gotten used to pretty much everything here.  In fact there’s only one part of Barrouallie life that strikes fear into my heart…and that’s the driving. The good news for me is it’s almost impossible to get lost in St. Vincent since […]

  • A Tale of Two Marathons

    Editors Note: Originally Written November 21, 2014 Last Saturday I officially completed my second marathon. Actually in my opinion this is the only real one since the other ended in disaster. Pretty much everything you need to know about my first marathon can be found in this picture at the finish line. The stomach cramps […]

  • A Battle Plan for “Look Away Moments”

    As a single missionary I’m well aware that integrity online (as far as what I will or won’t watch) is a very serious issue.  That’s why I have accountability partners, Bible verses to use when temptation comes, and the latest Internet filtering software for all my electronic devices.  It is a little uncomfortable asking my […]