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  • Missions is bringing Beauty into the Brokenness

    Missions is bringing Beauty into the Brokenness

    On Monday a friend gave me a ride on his fishing boat to a nearby area of SVG for an afternoon of relaxation. It was a fun time capped off by a very cool rainbow pic. I got home around 5:00….. and by 6:30 the shouting started nearby. As is often the case, an argument…

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  • A Ministry of Plastic Chairs

    A Ministry of Plastic Chairs

    Two days after getting back into SVG I started a minor-prophets class at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean. As exciting and enjoyable as that first day of teaching was, I was more excited about what would happen after class. On the way back home I purchased some incredibly important ministry tools…. Seven plastic chairs!…

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  • A Time to Celebrate

    A Time to Celebrate

    Two days before flying back to Saint Vincent I went with my mom and dad to have a “birthday lunch” of fajitas at one of my favorite restaurants. It was enjoyable to eat lots of amazing food and spend time my parents before flying home…. But at the same time I was embarrassed about the…

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  • You Can’t Always Be Ready

    You Can’t Always Be Ready

    Last Wednesday night I was driving my field administrator and his wife home from speaking at church for prayer meeting. We were talking about our plans for the next day and what the Lord was doing on the field. Suddenly I heard a loud smash…. And saw my driver side mirror was shattered! Vincentian roads…

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  • Motivated by Convictions

    Motivated by Convictions

    You can’t see it from this distance…but that dog has a huge smile on his face! Last Monday a friend extended my gate, which allowed me to let my dog Vincy off the leash at all times. This adds protection, but it also makes him much calmer since Vincy always wanted to be an inside…

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