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  • Frustration Shows Me I Can’t Fix Things

    Frustration Shows Me I Can’t Fix Things

    As my journey back to Melbourne continues one of the emotions I struggle with is frustration. Not a frustration with the Australian government (they’ve been incredibly helpful) but a frustration with how long the process is taking. Frustration over things not happening the way we want is actually a normal emotion, the danger arises when […]

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  • When Bagels with Cream Cheese Can’t Fix the Problem

    I love junk food…no seriously I LOVE junk food!  Like most of you my desire for it is greater when stressed, tired, or just having a bad day. My list of favorite comfort foods looks something like this Macaroni and Cheese Donuts Bagel with cream cheese Pizza French fries Numbers two through five may change, […]

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  • Why Empowering is Better Than Fixing It Yourself

    In about an hour I’ll be traveling to a local library where I help with a weekly computer class. While all ministry opportunities to share the Gospel are appreciated, this may be my favorite. Not because it’s about technology (though I am a geek) but because it allows me empower people. In my opinion every […]

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  • The Healing Power of a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel

      Missions and any kind of ministry involves the development of close relationships with others. While this obviously doesn’t happen overnight, there is usually a moment that started moving the relationship from “acquaintance” to “friend.” Unfortunately we find ourselves often over-thinking this connection moment, making it a lot more complicated than necessary. It’s easy to […]

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  • Why We Need more Mentors, and Less Volunteers

    A few weeks ago I filled out a twenty-one page application that included character references, a background check paid for by me, addresses along with work history for the last eight years, and a  The amazing thing is it’s for a volunteering position [1] Please don’t think I’m being negative about this organization because the […]

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