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  • Missions is an Open Bible

    Missions is an Open Bible

    In April I told everyone about the prison officer who often helps us when we come for prison ministry Wednesday morning. He would even share testimonies and exhort the men from Scripture! One Wednesday he noticed my Bible (and Bible cover), then leaned over and whispered “I want one just like that.” That day the…

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  • Living on Island Time

    Living on Island Time

    I was having a conversation with a Vincentian friend yesterday about America not feeling like home any more. Of course I know it will always be home in a sense, but my heart was more connected to Saint Vincent. The truth is I’ve adapted myself to the Vincentian way of living in every way except…

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  • How to Survive the Caribbean Heat

    How to Survive the Caribbean Heat

    Normally when people learn that I serve in the Caribbean, they ask “how are things different there?” I will usually tell them a couple of things, but usually what shocks them the most is it stays in the eighties year round. I’ll always follow that up by explaining the heat isn’t that bad since we…

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  • A Special Cake

    A Special Cake

    On Christmas Eve 2020 an older saint who I met with on Thursday’s gave me a cake she had baked especially for me. It was a precious act of love…… Especially because her mind is now gone During the pandemic she wasn’t able to go almost anywhere (including church) because she was almost eighty, and…

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  • Missions is Sitting With the Hurting

    Missions is Sitting With the Hurting

    In the summer of 2021 I went to the States in order to get surgery on cataracts in my eyes. During the two-month stay there I read something incredibly profound written by missionary Jonathan Archer in Togo Africa. Missions is Rejoicing with the joyful, and sitting with the hurting. What truly spoke to me in…

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