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  • Boys Need a Job

    Boys Need a Job

    There is a little boy in the community that I will call James (not his real name) who is ALWAYS getting into trouble! It seems as if every time I walk down the road the lady who cares for him is shouting at him about doing something. Last Sunday i came early to get ready […]

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  • Motivated by Convictions

    Motivated by Convictions

    You can’t see it from this distance…but that dog has a huge smile on his face! Last Monday a friend extended my gate, which allowed me to let my dog Vincy off the leash at all times. This adds protection, but it also makes him much calmer since Vincy always wanted to be an inside […]

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  • Missions Teaches Me Growth Comes Slowly

    Missions Teaches Me Growth Comes Slowly

    I don’t usually get very excited about a radish Unless of course it is MY RADISH! In November I planted some seeds for a personal garden. The plan is to continue developing it into a community garden of sorts. Friends helped me excitedly plant the seeds and build beds to ensure they would be protected. […]

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  • The Power of a Mouse Click

    The Power of a Mouse Click

    Christmas 2019 for me was a day of enjoyment with friends and family. But it was also a reminder just how easy it is to make an incredibly foolish mistake. My family had a running joke over three years from 2017 to 2019. It was done innocently and in fun but wasn’t something that should […]

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  • Time is Precious

    Time is Precious

    For Christmas my brother sent me an old watch that he’s no longer using. The truth is being used makes the watch itself more precious than if it was brand new. Because my brother Michael is an extremely disciplined person who uses his time wisely. So that watch whenever I wear it sends a special […]

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