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  • Why I Miss Halloween

    On a table in my family room there is a bowl filled with about fifty fun-size candy bars, and it makes me very sad. Part of this is because around foty-six of those candy bars will be consumed by family members. We will give out four or five to trick or treaters if we are […]

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  • A Reminder That God’s In Control

    Reminder that God is in Control from John Wilburn on Vimeo.

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  • Why I Run (And You Should Too)

    It doesn’t take long for people to figure out running is a big part of my life. The question they usually have after learning I’m a runner is “why do you run?” My answer to this is different from the normal reasons for running or exercise. Like staying in shape (losing weight) Stress relief to […]

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  • How I Broke My Stubborn Attitude

    How I Broke My Stubborness Okay I have a confession to make…I’m a very stubborn person [1]. My father used to talk in his sermons about having two sons; one of them would be disciplined with a simple look, while the other required a more “direct approach.” For weeks I asked him which one of […]

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  • What Running 146 Miles in a Month Teaches Me About Life

    By this Friday I will have run 146 miles during the month of October [1]. This experience has taught me something very important about myself. I mean other than the fact that I’m absolutely insane As a child I was one of those kids who was always saying “I can’t.” This began with refusing to […]

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