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  • How to Teach a Child Discipline In a Non-Physical Way

    How to Teach a Child Discipline In a Non-Physical Way

    Every Tuesday afternoon I’m involved with an after-school Bible program at a local school for first and second graders. I am aware this is a worst nightmare for some people, but I actually enjoy it [1]. What I don’t necessarily enjoy is bringing structure to the group. Structure is the process of getting a group…

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  • Why I’m Going To Enjoy Running a Marathon

    Last Saturday I ran with a friend who recently completed the New York City Marathon (and instantly became my hero). As you can imagine we spent a lot of time talking about her experience, and one thing she said stuck in my mind. According to her the first eighteen miles “just flew by” Just so…

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  • Why I Put The Donut Down…Again

    This week I made a drastic change that will not only affect my ministry, put personal life, and help the return to Australia. It’s something that’s needed to be done for a long time but I kept putting it off.  This week that finally came to a stop. What is this huge decision? No more buying…

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  • Why I Don’t Fall Asleep Watching Netflix Anymore

    My day usually ends with me lying in bed watching Netflix at around 9:30.  Now there’s nothing wrong with watching some television after a long day, however starting tonight I’m going to start doing things much differently. Instead of lying in bed and just watching a show I will watch it actively sitting in a chair…

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  • When You Can’t Fix the Problem

    When You Can’t Fix the Problem

    I’m normally a pretty happy person so it takes lot to get me down. However when I do get depressed it reaches pretty intense levels (we are talking jelly beans, pepsi, french fries, and way too much Netflix.) I went through a couple of these phases last week (which hasn’t happened in a while) because…

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