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  • Christmas in November

    Christmas in November

    On November 24, 2020 Christmas came about a month early!! I had been informed by a lady who took care of my Christmas barrel shipments that they hame come. But that morning I get a second call that they were on the way. I anxiously put the dog in the house, and waited on the…

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  • The Isolation of Shame

    The Isolation of Shame

    Over the weekend I finished reading “Shame Interrupted” by Dr. Ed Welch. As with everything Dr. Welch writes (he is one of my favorite authors) this book is an excellent resource in counseling and growth. It also took much longer to read than expected! The reason why is I spent so much time highlighting, making…

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  • Finding what was Lost

    Finding what was Lost

    Tuesday morning around 9:00 I asked all of you to pray for me because I’d lost something very important. Then an hour and a half later asked you to rejoice because it was found. Today I would like to tell you what it was Tuesday morning about 8:00 a friend came over to talk who…

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  • A Loss of Innocence

    A Loss of Innocence

    In my earlier days of ministry a boy used to visit me for a Bible story, glass of water, and quality time with my cat Winston (who he called whiskers). If the cat wasn’t there he would always ask “where is whiskers?” Part of me believed that innocence would continue forever…. But it ended far…

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  • Some Things are Worth the Money

    Some Things are Worth the Money

    This pic from 2020 reminds me how much I love Columbia boots! That picture shows the two sets of boots that had been purchased in 2018, and 2019 (I still use them occasionally by the way) along with the latest pair. Not pictured is another pair of Columbia boots I purchased last November. These boots…

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