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  • Ask the Hard Questions

    Ask the Hard Questions

    In January 2020 the Lord allowed me to begin teaching Theology Classes at the Bible College. This was a very challenging experience, and at the same time very rewarding. Challenging because we would dig deep into the truths of Scripture…. Rewarding because we got to wrestle with hard questions Most questions with Scripture have easy […]

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  • You Will Burn Out (1 Samuel 27:6)

    You Will Burn Out (1 Samuel 27:6)

    During late 2022 I began preaching through the life of David as God prepared him to become king. He was incredibly faithful to the Lord through stressful situations like being constantly hunted by Saul and betrayed by those around him. David even displayed faith in the Lord’s deliverance by refusing to take vengeance upon Saul […]

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  • You Will Fall Down

    You Will Fall Down

    In January 2020 I was excited about teaching a class on Theology I (my first theology course) at the Bible College. My heart looked forward to sharing and explaining the deep truths of Scripture to students that would provide the foundation for future ministry. And then I showed up for the first day for class […]

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  • Missions Takes a Radical Commitment

    Missions Takes a Radical Commitment

    One of the most encouraging (and challenging) things I do for myself is to read the biographies of great missionaries. It is encouraging because their lives display the power and providence of God…. It is challenging because I see their commitment is so much greater than mine. Few missionaries symbolize this balance of encouragement and […]

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  • Sometimes it is an Easy Fix

    Sometimes it is an Easy Fix

    I absolutely love my Nisan Sunny (Altima) but shortly after I purchased it, a problem started. It would run the AC every morning till about 9:00, but then wouldn’t run anymore for the rest of the day. I took it to a place for the AC unit to be serviced and it worked properly for […]

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