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  • Sowing Seed

    Sowing Seed

    In 2019 I began teaching my first class at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean (Bible Doctrine). It was a joy to see the Lord begin to open the eyese of students to the truths of Scripture. After class one day a student called me over with a serious look on his face. He wanted […]

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  • Planting the Seeds of the Gospel

    One of the most meaningful lessons we learned during the church history class is that revival takes time! Often when we think of revival, it’s seen as an instant work of God that comes out of nowhere. Yet that almost always isn’t the case! Instead, individuals were working behind the scenes for years preparing the […]

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  • Building a Firm Foundation

    Building a Firm Foundation

    In the Fall of 2019 the Lord allowed me to begin teaching at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean. This was a wonderful opportunity to not only challlenge my own teaching ability, but explain foundational truths of Scripture. Teaching at the college has taught me many things….. but the most important is students need Doctrine. […]

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  • From the Archives:  Why Missionaries Should Be Theologians and Greek Scholars

    From the Archives: Why Missionaries Should Be Theologians and Greek Scholars

    Originally written July 8, 2015 As a Junior in Bible College I took my first class in Koine Greek [1] and was first introduced to The Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar by William Mounce. Over the next twelve months that textbook along with it’s exercises, vocabulary cards, and lexicon [2] helped me survive Greek I […]

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  • Keep Your Raincoat Ready!

    Keep Your Raincoat Ready!

    In 2018 my brother gave me a very nice raincoat as an early birthday present. The nice thing about it is it’s very lightweight but does a very good job of keeping me dry. A heavy raincoat would not be useful at all in SVG since it’s already so hot. To be honest, though that […]

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