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  • Missions Takes a Strong Immune System

    Missions Takes a Strong Immune System

    The Lord has blessed me physically on the mission field with a strong body that doesn’t get sick much. But in the last months of 2022 that changed. During October and November colds and the flu ravaged Saint Vincent in waves. Thankfully I was able to escape with only a basic cold in October. But […]

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  • Love Celebrates Strangeness

    Love Celebrates Strangeness

    In January 2019 before my return to Saint Vincent, my family gave me a traditional farewell dinner filled with my favorite things. Among them krispie creme donuts, pizza, and diet dr. thunder. Thats right….I said diet dr. thunder! For those who are unaware, diet dr. thunder is the wal-mart version of diet dr. pepper. I […]

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  • A Boring New Year

    A Boring New Year

    As the new year begins my mind has turned to evaluation of 2022, and what the Lord would have me do in 2023. This is a healthy thing of course, and it leads to dreaming big dreams, along with development of fresh plans. But the implementation involves something far less exciting….. Write things down!!! I […]

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  • Love in Any Language

    Love in Any Language

    In 2019 I began teaching classes at a local Bible College. Over the months the Lord allowed me to not only share many important lessons but develop friendships. During a bible conference that year one student from Grenada ran up to me and said “Preacher! (he always called me that) I’m going to make you […]

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  • My καταφύγιο

    My καταφύγιο

    Over Christmas weekend I spent a lot of time at home re-organizing my house. This is a yearly thing since things get a bit disorganized, and getting a house in order helps get life in order as the new year approaches. Part of me doesn’t see the organization of my house as important (I am […]

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