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  • God is There

    God is There

    One Saturday morning in 2019 I was sitting on the porch having my devotions when a majestic rainbow appeared in the sky! In a way it was as if God had given to me a special reminder of HIs presence while I studied His word. I love those God moments when He feels so close….. […]

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  • Sharing Christmas

    Sharing Christmas

    Here in Saint Vincent Christmas lunch is a pretty big deal! It’s like the Thanksgiving lunch in America where family is invited over to have a delicious meal of things like ham, pork, and chicken. A lot of times people on Christmas day will share out plates of their lunch to others so that they […]

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  • When the Day is Done, be Done!

    When the Day is Done, be Done!

    One of my favorite things about Saint Vincent is the spectacular sunsets that you see almost every evening about 6:00. They are reminders of God’s grace for each day, and the beauty that we see in creation. They are also reminders to be done. Sunsets and evening hours are God’s way of showing me the […]

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  • Life Lessons from a Busted Ball

    Life Lessons from a Busted Ball

    Every year I bring balls from America in my Christmas barrel. This is because kids love to play games of course, and traditionally Friday is “games day” for the children I work with. The other reason I bring balls from America is because busted balls are a regular occurrence. The balls in Saint Vincent are […]

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  • It’s Not About the Coffee

    It’s Not About the Coffee

    One of the unique things about living on the mission field is it’s hard to surprise me with Christmas gifts. Because they come from the US and I’m in SVG, the present cannot just be returned if they don’t work. So every year my family asks me what I want (within reason) and they send […]

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