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  • Missions is…..Balancing Safety with Fear

    Originally written January 29, 2021 One of my ministries during the week is visitation of some older saints who regularly come to church, or cannot come because of physical problems. We usually sing, go through a bible passage, and spend time in prayer. with the spread of COVID this ministry has obviously become more difficult. […]

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  • Food For Thought

    A listing of my favorite articles from this week. I pray it’s a blessing to you The Darkest Deception of the Church: A great reminder from Justin Poythress that repentance is a continual process for Christians. 20 Scriptures to Guide Our Online Speech: In a world of keyboard warriors who share their “hot takes”, Chris […]

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  • Nehemiah 1:6 Prayer Is Desperate

    After turning from his sin (1:4) and focusing on the character of God (1:5), Nehemiah begs God for His presence and help in a time of need. It’s clear from the words of 1:6 that he was dependent only on God for help. Crisis situations or “breaking points” like Nehemiah experienced are used by God […]

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  • From the Archives: Ready for the Storm

    Originally written July 24, 2020 Yesterday morning a tropical storm warning was issued for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and by the early afternoon it was changed to a hurricane watch. Right now this isn’t too serious since if a hurricane hits it would be a category one which just means lots of rain and […]

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  • From the Archives:  Why Missions Needs Boundaries

    From the Archives: Why Missions Needs Boundaries

    originally published January 5, 2019 One of the greatest challenges in missions is balancing our love for people, with our understanding that they have a sin-nature. I had a conversation this morning with a woman who had begun allowing one of her grand-daughters friends to come over and play at their house. She was always […]

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