Tag: Missionary Memories

  • A Taste of Home

    Almost every week I go to Kingstown (or town as they call it) to run errands or meet with people. This is usually done early so I can get a free parking spot. And after getting to town, I have my favorite breakfast. A pepperoni pizza with extra cheese! Subway begin offering these personal pizzas […]

  • Missions is an Open Bible

    Backpacks are a pretty common part of daily life in Barrouallie since you do lots of walking, and have to carry things with you. Mine usually has the following items A book A notebook for journaling Scripture My Kindle And my carrying around bible The carrying around Bible is a smaller one (the one above […]

  • Missions is truly helping the poor

    In April shortly after the La Soufrière volcano erupted, I was cleaning in front of the church one day, and heard a woman begin walking up the street shouting very loudly. At first I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but as she came closer I recognised the same words were being repeated over […]

  • Missions Teaches Me God Shows Up in My Darkest Moment

    Friday morning my bags were packed, weighed, and standing in the garage waiting for my flight to Saint Vincent. I went to have coffee with a missionary friend excited about boarding a plane and going back to the Caribbean early Saturday morning. There was just one thing left A negative Covid test For obvious reasons […]

  • Rediscovering Fellowship

    One of the things I miss during the medical furlough is the cooler evening hours. Actually it isn’t the cooler weather that’s missed, but what happens in Barrouallie when the sun starts to set. Around 6:00 every night, people will start either putting chairs out in front of their house, or going to one of […]