Tag: Missionary Musings

  • Missions is Taking the Hard Road

    This week I finished reading “Your Future Self will Thank You” by Drew Dyck. It’s actually my second time reading the book, read it first in December 2019, but honestly think I enjoyed it more the second time. The book itself is excellent because it focuses on a problem that we receive little Biblical teaching […]

  • Missions is Being Safe, but not Scared

    Beginning last month, we had a huge growth in Covid cases, and deaths in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Most of this is because workers have been sent back to SVG from a nearby island that is currently locked down because of Covid cases. As the cases continue to spread, I am encouraging individuals to […]

  • Missions is Eliminating Distracting Voices

    Tuesday afternoon I was stuck in the house (we have been getting lots of rain, and its difficult to do ministry because people stay home). In a moment of boredom, I pulled out my phone, and checked the Facebook app. More than ten minutes later, I was still scrolling away…. In that moment the Holy […]

  • God Brings Fruit

    Monday night I was walking up the road to my house when a man stopped me in the road. “Your going home?” he asked, when I told him I was, he told me he’d come by the house in a few minutes to read some Scripture. When he came back about ten minutes later, I […]

  • Missions is Filling Your Own Cup

    Last Thursday I came home from teaching the last session of an Eschatology class, shut the door, and didn’t come back out! Thats a bit abnormal since I’m usually out doing ministry in the community. When afternoon ministries started back Monday some were wondering where I went, but most said “oh he’s teaching at the […]