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  • The Curse of Bachelor Missions

    The Curse of Bachelor Missions

    Yesterday serious preparations began for my parents visit in three-weeks on August 10th.  This involves things you would expect like giving the house a thorough cleaning and stocking my fridge, but it also involves things you wouldn’t expect like fixing the AC in my car. Since I bought my car last summer the air-conditioning would only work…

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  • Reading for Understanding not Entertainment

    “The Majority of us are addicted to non-active reading” Mortimer Adler Last week I felt pretty  good about myself after creating a reading list with thirteen books, only to find out I didn’t really know how to read. In 1940 Mortimer Adler wrote “How to Read A Book” and it’s still a classic textbook on…

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  • What Would You Add to my 2017 Reading Challenge?

    Like many of you reading more is a new-years resolution every January, and like most of you I almost never follow-up. So I’m incredibly excited by the 2017 reading challenge created by Tim Challies. The beautiful thing about this challenge is Challies has created a chart with book recommendations that eliminate three of the most common problems…

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  • Never Have Another Boring Bible Club

    Yesterday afternoon while I was getting ready for Bible Club a girl came by and jokingly told me “Mr. John I’m sorry but your Bible Club is so boring!”  Though she was kiddding it still felt like somebody had punched me in the stomach.  She was probably a little serious because I have a teaching…

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