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  • Father Son Chats with a Child Who Isn’t Your Son

    Father Son Chats with a Child Who Isn’t Your Son

    There are many things Bible College and personal study prepared me for…but nothing can prepare you for having “father-son talks” with a child who is not your son. After reading  a Bible story about Sampson this morning a boy motioned to a girl walking by my house and said: “see her she’s pregnant!”  I asked […]

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  • Our Vanishing Religious Liberty

    Our Vanishing Religious Liberty

    Last week Stephen Mcalpine had a very interesting (and sad) article that explains recent changes in the Queensland (Australia) school that “moved to ban Jesus from the playground in its State Government Schools.” A recent article on the new law states: Examples of evangelising cited in the review, as well as two earlier reviews into […]

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  • The Curse of Bachelor Missions

    The Curse of Bachelor Missions

    Yesterday serious preparations began for my parents visit in three-weeks on August 10th.  This involves things you would expect like giving the house a thorough cleaning and stocking my fridge, but it also involves things you wouldn’t expect like fixing the AC in my car. Since I bought my car last summer the air-conditioning would only work […]

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  • Embracing the American Moments

    Embracing the American Moments

    After being in Saint Vincent for almost two years in most ways I pass for Vincentian in fact, they refer to me as a “Vincy.”  But there are still moments when I’m clearly American, like when I’m forced to back down a road. Some roads in SVG are too small for two vehicles so a […]

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