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  • Ignoring the Silly People

    Ignoring the Silly People

    Working with children in Bible Club three days a week has led me to create some rules that clearly explain my expectation for them. One of the most foundational ones (after zipping up) is “ignore the silly people.” When I began Bible Club there were children who enjoyed coming by and disrupting the lesson in […]

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  • The Curse of a Safe Mission Field

    The Curse of a Safe Mission Field

    By now most of you have heard about John Allen Chau, a Christian who attempted to evangelize the Sentineleze people with the Gospel, but was martyred. Much has been written about his actions (I personally feel not going with a team or doing proper planning was a mistake) but the coverage of his death reveals […]

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  • When Activity Becomes Your Identity

    About a month ago I had a life-changing moment in Wal-Mart.  It actually surprised me since I’m not used to having earth shattering revelations beside the fruit and produce section, but that moment is guiding my thinking a month later. Pretty much everyone who knows me realizes this but I am a “doer” (or spaz but I […]

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  • When God fills my Psychological Cup

    There comes a moment for each of us when our psychological cup runs low; a moment when we don’t feel loved, accepted, or confident in ourselves.  There is nothing sinful about those moments because it reminds us we are dependent creatures on other people for our happiness instead of being self-existent like God. The dangerous […]

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  • When Ministry Fills My Psychological Cup

    While getting read for my  first meeting during a quick two-month furlough a few weeks ago I came downstairs and asked my father a very important question…do you think I should bring Kev? Kev for those of you who don’t know is the name of an inflatable kangaroo I used to bring while sharing my […]

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