Category: Missionary Memories

  • A Special Cake

    A Special Cake

    On Christmas Eve 2020 an older saint who I met with on Thursday’s gave me a cake she had baked especially for me. It was a precious act of love…… Especially because her mind is now gone During the pandemic she wasn’t able to go almost anywhere (including church) because she was almost eighty, and…

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  • Christmas in November

    Christmas in November

    On November 24, 2020 Christmas came about a month early!! I had been informed by a lady who took care of my Christmas barrel shipments that they hame come. But that morning I get a second call that they were on the way. I anxiously put the dog in the house, and waited on the…

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  • Some Things are Worth the Money

    Some Things are Worth the Money

    This pic from 2020 reminds me how much I love Columbia boots! That picture shows the two sets of boots that had been purchased in 2018, and 2019 (I still use them occasionally by the way) along with the latest pair. Not pictured is another pair of Columbia boots I purchased last November. These boots…

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  • A Sleep of Peace

    A Sleep of Peace

    Yesterday morning as I busily went from one task to the next, my cat Pumpkin peacefully slept on the couch. Sometimes I wish that I could sleep like her! The reason that she can sleep like that is Pumpkin knows all of her needs will be met by me. That isn’t difficult since her needs…

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  • Time to Grow Up

    Time to Grow Up

    My cat Pumpkin had a litter of kittens in late 2020. As she began to nurse them I had to make sure they didn’t injure themselves I also had to make sure that their older brother didn’t nurse with them! I kept the first kitten named “Milk Chocolate” and he was a great protector of…

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