Category: Missionary Memories

  • A World Full of Strays

    A World Full of Strays

    In early 2019 I noticed a very skinny cat prowling around my backyard. This isn’t abnormal since cats in Saint Vincent reproduce a LOT! So the kittens are often left to fend for themselves. Though I didn’t see the cat again, I was sure to leave a saucer of milk out for him This act […]

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  • A Taste of Home

    A Taste of Home

    In the Fall of 2019 I got a huge surprise when the pastor of my home Church came to preach at a sister-churches anniversary service. He brought along a dear friend whose wife asked me if there was anything they could bring me. I told her what I always tell my American friends…. bring coffee! […]

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  • Loving the Hills

    Loving the Hills

    During my marathon-training days, I became part of a training group that would go on runs twice a week. It was enjoyable because those in the group became very good friends, and encouraged one another to do their best. The head trainer was a woman named Stacy who went out of her way to make […]

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  • You Must Have Power!

    You Must Have Power!

    On a Thursday night in 2019, I dropped people off after church, parked my car, and tried to put up my driver-side window. Strangely it didn’t work! I checked to see if any buttons had been pushed to keep it from coming up, but nothing worked. In desperation, I called a friend who tried to […]

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  • Choosing the Safe Road

    Choosing the Safe Road

    To this day there is a small dark spot on the front license plate of my vehicle. How it got there is an interesting, and somewhat scary story! One Saturday in 2019 I was driving over to an area called Peters Hope. Along the way, a van stopped to pick up passengers so I stopped […]

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